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Here’s what my clients say about me and my work

“I have nothing but the best to say for Aaron and his teaching ability. I started taking weekly guitar lessons with him about two years ago when he lived in Denver and it was a wonderful experience. I have had numerous teachers over 10 years and had never found a teacher that I connected with so well. He explains things in a way that I understand and always has a answer for your question. It was a huge bummer when I found out that he was moving across the country and I thought that I would have to find another teacher. He mentioned that was going to give lessons via Skype and that we could continue right where we left over. I will admit, I was skeptical about the whole thing. After we did our first Skype lesson I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. He invested in quality video equipment to allow for dual camera support and his audio microphones allow me to hear exactly what he is playing. He is a experienced and knowledgable teacher. My Skype lessons have been nothing but a positive experience with Aaron. I suggest you find out for yourself and give it a try.”

Kyle WeaverStrings - Piano - Composition

I’ve taken classical guitar lesson’s in Aaron Rideout’s home/studio for many years.

Aaron Rideout is an exceptional musician and teacher.  The standards, the commitment and the quality of his teaching, as well as his methods and instructions are ideal for the student of the guitar.

Skype became a factor for me when I found myself having to travel out of state for extended periods of time.  This media (Skype) has provided the means for me to continue personalized guitar lessons.

When using Skype, I find I must focus my attention more closely on the learning process (i.e, hearing, seeing, and verbal communication).  This intense focus has been helpful in learning not only the technical aspects of the guitar, but also demonstrates Aaron’s commitment to the the study of music in its many forms, as well as, increasing my commitment.

Laura BarberClassical Guitar

Taking guitar lesson via Skype is very convent. I take lessons in my practice space, meaning all my books, notes and guitar stuff is right at hand. Also not having to spend 20 to 40 minutes driving gives me more time with the family.

Aaron’s setup sounds good, and with a camera focused on his hands, I can often see more detail then when I was in the same room.

Taking lessons online, encouraged me to setup a place where I can practice and record my playing. Being able to record my playing has helped me hear what I really sound like and expanded my playing.

Adam SurberBlues - Flamenco - Music Theory

Studying guitar with Aaron Rideout has been a terrific experience.  I was nervous about learning a new instrument in my mid-30s.  I had fears of practicing endless children’s songs, when I really wanted to learn jazz and flamenco.  Those fears were totally unfounded.  Aaron quickly had me deep into chord progressions, music theory and guitar technique.  It is wonderful to work with an instructor who cares about my interests and deftly leads me through a personalized learning process.  My study with Aaron has provided a solid foundation for a lifelong enjoyment of the guitar.  I highly recommend Aaron Rideout to aspiring guitarists of any age.

Craig BachmanMusic Theory - Improvisation - Guitar

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